Dear Sir/Madam;

The Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA) is pleased to invite you to join our organization as a Corporate Sponsor for the Program Year 2017. The CACA, a tax-exempt, non-profit organization with a tax identification number of 26-3047167, is composed of over one thousand enthusiastic scientists mainly residing in North America and China with interests in separation techniques such as sample preparation, LC, GC, spectroscopy, and MS. Our members come from industry, government and academia with a goal of social networking, information exchange, and experience sharing in chromatography technology and practice. The CACA hosts several meetings, short courses, webinars, and workshops during the year to stimulate networking and to foster information sharing.

Your participation is important and greatly appreciated.  We hope to see you or your representatives at our meetings to share your experience and knowhow.  We also would like to invite and encourage your company to financially support our activity this year.  To express our appreciation, we offer the following benefits for your sponsorship:

  • Basic level: $750.00
    • Sponsorship will be acknowledged on the CACA website;
    • Sponsors will be listed on our flyers for CACA events, which will be distributed at conferences, to CACA members by emails and posted on the CACA website, the CACA LinkedIn and CACA partner’s websites;
    • You will have an opportunity to introduce your company at the meetings/events;
    • Your company name, logo and web link will be posted in our website for a period of one year. You are also welcome to post your hiring information in our website;
    • One free dinner invite to the CACA dinner events.
  • Advanced level: $1,000.00
    • Include all basic level benefits;
    • More time to introduce your company and products at our events;
    • One live webinar broadcast to our members (in English or Chinese);
    • Distribute brochures and marketing materials at CACA-organized events;
    • At your request, CACA can help co-market your events via our LinkedIn group site, LinkedIn posts and WeChat groups; also possibly a web page and group emails to broadcast your events of general interest;
    • Two free dinner invites to the CACA dinner events.
  • Award level: $2,000.00
    • Include all Advanced level benefits;
    • Sponsor for CACA young investigator award and student award ($1,000)
    • Sponsor will be announced in our flyers for the CACA events, and will present the award at the CACA events;
    • Three free dinner invites to the dinner events.

For more information, please visit our website and LinkedIn  To be a sponsor, please fill out the CACA Sponsorship Form, and email to Dr. Wu Chen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or make donation online at  If you have any question, please contact Dr. Wu Chen by phone (at 1-302-636 8089) or by email.

Thank you for your support!

CACA Executive Committee Members


北美华人色谱协会(CACA)很高兴邀请贵公司作为我们2017 年的企业赞助商加入我们协会。北美华人色谱协会(CACA)是一非营利的组织(免税的报税号码26-3047167), 是由分布在北美和中国各地的热情科学家组成。CACA协会的会员来自工业界,政府部门和学术界等各个行业,主要从事化学分析,分离技术及仪器应用及研究,如样品制备, 液相,气相 , 光譜和质谱科技。CACA协会以职业信息交流和色谱及其应用的信息和技术共享为目标,每年召集两次年会,开设短期课程, 网上研讨会,以促进信息交流和共享。

您的参与对我们很重要。我们希望看到您或贵公司的代表出现在在我们的会议上,分享您的经验和你们公司的新发展。我们邀請您的参与並希望贵公司今年能在财政上赞助我们协会。感谢贵公司的赞助, CACA提供厂商以下三级赞助:

  • 标准赞助: $750美元
    • 告知我们的会员贵公司对我们的赞助;
    • 贵公司或贵公司的代表被列为特约赞助商出现在我们的会议通告上;
    • 可在我们的会议上介绍贵公司;
    • 在我们的网站上张帖您公司名称,徽标,网站链接和聘请信息,为期一年;
    • 一张免费CACA晚餐票。
  • 加级赞助: $1,000美元
    • 包括标准赞助项目;
    • 给与贵公司更多的时间和机会在我们的会议上介绍贵公司;
    • 一次 webinar broadcast报告 (中英皆可);
    • CACA主辨会场展列赞助厂商的目录及推销资料;
    • 两张免费CACA晚餐票。
      • 奖励赞助:$2,000美元
    • 包括加级赞助项目;
    • 赞助CACA青年研究学者奖($1,000美元);
    • 贵公司被列为CACA杰出青年研究学者和优秀学生赞助商出现在我们的会议通告上, 并在CACA活动中颁发此奖;
    • 三张免费CACA晚餐票。

有关详细信息,请访问我们的网站。想成为赞助商,请填写协会赞助表并用电子邮件传送给陈武博士。陈武博士的联系信息:Tel1-302-2299606 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.。或网上直接赞助:



Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA) Sponsorship Form

The CACA is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  Our Tax ID# is 26-3047167.

The CACA offers chromatography scientists opportunities to 1) share scientific technical information; 2) network for sharing experiences and helping each other in career developments; 3) interact and develop collaborative relationships with other separation scientists worldwide.  With your generous sponsorship and donation, you will be helping and fueling the growth of chromatography community as well as giving your company added exposure.

Company Name:
City: State/Province:
Zip code: Country:
Company logo or other information (for us to show on our website and handouts):
Contact Person: Title:
Phone: Email:

Level of sponsorship:    

___Basic: $750;    ___Advanced: $1000;    ___Award: $2000;   ___Others: $______

Please make check payable to “Chinese American Chromatography Association” and mail the check along with this form to:  Dr. Wu Chen, 201 East Mistletoe Court, Newark, DE 19711, USA.  Phone: 1-302 229 9606 (cell)/1-302 636 8089 (office); Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or you can donate online at

Thank you for your support!


CACA Executive Committee Members