QunjieWangJerry Wang, Ph.D; President and CTO, Bonna-Agela Technologies; Adjunct Professor of Nankai University; Principle Investigator of Tianjin International Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research.

Obtained BS. in 1985 from the Department of Chemistry, Nankai University, and Ph.D in 1991 from the Department of Chemistry, University of Montpellier (France). Under the supervision of Prof. Robert Corriu, a member of French Academy of Science, he was

drawn into the chemistry on silica and could never got away. After another 3 years at University of Southern California as postdoc researcher with Geogre Olah (1994 Nobel Prize Laureate) , he joined HP/Agilent as a research scientist. In 2004, he left Agilent and started his entrepreneurship with Agela Technologies. In 2007, he founded Bonna-Agela Technologies. Within six years, the company has grown from seven persons to a worldwide chromatography technology powerhouse having 260 employees and annual revenue of 10 million USD.

Jerry has led the development of more than 100 series of commercial products and hold more than 10 patents. He was awarded twice by NASA for his development of fuel cell technologies, and also obtained a few awards from Tianjin.