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Biological Tissue Imaging Under Atmospheric Pressure Using Laser Electrospray Mass Spectrometry


Thu, May 4, 2017 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM CST


Fengjian (Jian) Shi, PhD

Fengjian Shi

Center for Advanced Photonics Research, Department of Chemistry

Temple University


Mass spectrometry imaging is getting considerable attention in areas like clinical diagnosis and drug development because non-targeted, label-free chemical imaging is provided in one single measurement. Biological tissue imaging using mass spectrometry is critical for understanding biological pathways at tissue level to provide knowledge of structural identification and spatial distribution of endogenous biomarkers or exogenous drug related materials. In this webinar, an ambient ionization source combining laser desorption with electrospray ionization for direct biological sample analysis under atmospheric pressure without matrix deposition will be introduced.

Specifically, following topics will be discussed:

  • Design of an ambient ion source based on laser desorption and electrospray ionization
  • Molecular imaging of endogenous plant metabolites from an impatiens flower
  • Simultaneous imaging of small molecules, lipids and proteins from a mouse brain model with traumatic brain injury
  • Comparison of LC-MS and MS imaging for profiling endogenous tissue component