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2018 Chinese American

Chromatography Association (CACA)

Virtual symposium




TIME: 12-3 pm EST


Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of

the Chinese American Chromatography Association


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Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC), a term coined by Andrew Alpert in 1990, is a separation mode complementary to reversed-phase chromatography (RPC).  It has been increasingly utilized in many applications such as those in bioanalysis, pharmaceutical analysis, forensic analysis, and proteomics/metabolomics/glycomics.  A literature survey shows exponential increase in the number of HILIC publications in recent years. This has likely been driven by HILIC’s unique advantages: high retention of polar analytes, orthogonality to RPC in 2D-LC, and enhanced detection sensitivity with MS. Most major HPLC column vendors offer HILIC columns.  

Notwithstanding HILIC’s popularity, its successful implementation remains a challenge. New practitioners can become frustrated in the development of robust HILIC methods due to the complexity of the retention mechanism, long column equilibration time, and difficulties in selecting the appropriate diluents/injection volume to balance sample solubility and strength.

In this inaugural CACA virtual symposium, we are pleased to have a panel of distinguished speakers covering the most important technical aspects of HILIC and its applications.


Who should attend:

  • Scientists and supervisors in pharmaceutical and other industries and government organizations who wish to have a better understanding of HILIC
  • Students and professors in academia
  • Instrument and column vendors


Symposium Organization Committee: (ordered alphabetically)

  • Yi He, John Jay College, The City University of New York
  • Chuping Luo, Advanced Materials Technology
  • Fengjian Shi, Biogen
  • Naidong Weng, Johnson & Johnson


Symposium Advisory Committee: (ordered alphabetically)

  • Andrew J. Alpert, PolyLC
  • Wu Chen, Agilent Technologies
  • Michael W. Dong, MWD Consulting
  • Tao Jiang, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  • Tingyu Li, National Science Foundation
  • Jerry Wang, Sciex
  • Perry G. Wang, US FDA
  • Baomin Xin, Consulting
  • Frank J. Yang, AcuTech Scientific Inc
  • Yan-Bo Yang, BioPharmaDev, Inc
  • Michael Ye, Millipore-Sigma
  • Edward S. Yeung, Iowa State University, and National Taiwan University
  • Kelly Zhang, Genentech
  • Xiang Zhang, University of Louisville
  • Yukui Zhang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics


Preliminary Program:

Welcome and Introduction (10 min)

Organizing committee
History and Fundamentals of HILIC  (30 min) Andrew J. Alpert (PolyLC)
Recent Practical Experiences with HILIC Column Equilibration and General Hints and Tips for Successful HILIC Method Operation (30 min) - Alan Mckeown (MAC MOD Analytical)
HILIC-MS in Bioanalytical Applications (30 min) - Yang Lu (Frontage Laboratories)

HILIC Using Superficially Porous Particles to Analyze Protein Structure and Modifications (30 min)

- Chuping Luo (Advanced-Materials-Tech)
Retention of Polar Substances Using HILIC and Hypercarb Columns (30 min) - Mark Tracy (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Wrap-up and Recognitions (10 min) Organizing committee