Announcement of the Winners for the 2018 CACA Young Investigator Award
and Student Excellence Awards (2)

Dr. Tao Chen, a scientist at Genentech, Small Molecule Analytical Chemistry and QC, has been selected to be the winner of 2018 Young Investigator Award from the Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA). This award is awarded annually to an outstanding scientist who has made exceptional contributions to the development of separation science and its applications. Dr. Chen obtained a B.S. from Wuhan University in 2008 and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry in 2013 from University of Florida under Prof. Weihong Tan. Dr. Chen has 40+ journal articles, 4 book chapters, 1 patent, and numerous awards.

Mr. Bifan Chen and Mr. Tony Chen have been named winners of 2018 CACA Student Excellence Awards. Both are Ph.D. candidates from University of Wisconsin, Madison, under the mentorships of Professors Ying Ge and Lingjun Li, respectively. Bifan’s research is on top-down proteomics, HIC/MS and mAbs analysis, while Tony’s research focuses on glycan analysis, HILIC and LC/MS. The Student Excellence Awards, sponsored by MAC-MOD Analytical in 2018, recognize outstanding graduate students who contribute to the development of separation science and its applications.

The selection process is based on research accomplishments and innovations, number of publications and impact, and the recommendations from mentors, supervisors and other scientists. The CACA award selection committee is chaired by Dr. Perry Wang of the US FDA, and consists of four other CACA board members: Dr. Michael Ye of Millipore Sigma/Supelco, Prof. He Yi of City U. New York, John Jay College, Dr. Chuping Luo of Advanced Materials Technology (AMT), and Dr. Michael Dong of MWD Consulting.

All three awards (plaque and cash award) will be presented at CACA annual dinner event at Pittcon Orlando on February 27 at Embassy Suites Jamaican Court, 6-9 pm.

CACA is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote networking and career development for its members. CACA hosts frequent webinars and dinner events at Pittcon and HPLC Conferences to provide forums for sharing technical information in separation sciences and the development of cooperative relationships. Additional information is available at

陈桃博士 Dr. Tao Chen

陈正为 Mr. Tony Chen
(U. Wisconsin, Madison)

陈弼凡 Mr. Bifan Chen
(U. Wisconsin, Madison)