Announcement of Winners for the 2023 CACA Young Investigator Awards and Student Excellence Awards

The Chinese American Chromatography Association (CACA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Young Investigation Awards (YIA) and Student Excellence Awards (SEA). These awards are selected annually to recognize outstanding scientists and students who have made exceptional contributions to the development of separation science and its applications.


Young Investigator Awards (2) Sponsored by Advanced Materials Technology and Waters Corporation  

Dr.  Alexandre Goyon and Dr. Ling Hao have been selected to win the 2023 CACA Young Investigator Awards.

Dr. Goyon is a Principal Scientist at Genentech, leading a team of 3 researchers developing innovative analytical methods for characterization of novel drug modalities and drug delivery systems. Dr. Goyon has developed innovative approaches to characterize therapeutic oligonucleotides and multi-dimensional LC/MS methods to streamline antibody characterization. His work has resulted in 37 publications (first author of 23 papers), including 4 papers in Anal. Chem. He is a pioneer in the analysis of new drug modalities.

Dr. Hao is an Assistant professor in the Chemistry Department at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Her scientific contribution to separation science has expanded across analytical method development, bioinformatics tool development, and discovering disease mechanisms and biomarkers. She has developed many liquid chromatography (LC), capillary electrophoresis (CE), gas chromatography (GC), and mass spectrometry (MS) methods for the analyses of proteins, peptides, and metabolites to study human diseases. Dr. Hao has a total of 30 peer-reviewed publications (6 corresponding-author, 10 first-authorships, 4 journal covers) and 2106 citations.

Student Excellence Awards (2) sponsored by MAC-MOD Analytical

Caitlin Cain and Philip Eor have been selected to win the 2023 CACA Student Excellence Awards.

Miss Caitlin Cain is a Ph.D. student under the direction of Professor Robert Synovec at University of Washington. She obtained her B. Sc. at Virginia Commonwealth University, VA, in 2019. Her research focuses on advancing instrumental and computational methods for chromatography. She has published 14 papers, with 10 as the first author.

Mr. Philip Eor is a Ph.D. student at Iowa State University under the direction of Professor Jared L. Anderson. He received his M. Sc. and B. Sc. degrees at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, in 2012 and 2010, respectively. He has made tremendous advancements in separation science, particularly in developing novel platforms to measure intermolecular interactions within argentation chromatography. He has published 10 papers, with 6 as the first author.

Award Selection Process and Presentation

The selection process is based on research accomplishments/innovations, the number of publications and impacts, and the service record to the scientific community. The CACA award committee is chaired by Dr. Perry Wang of the U.S. FDA. It consists of four other CACA executive board members: Dr. Tao Chen of Genentech, Dr. Michael Dong of MWD Consulting, Dr. Yi He of the City University of New York, John Jay College, and  Dr. Mingming Ma of Corteva Agriscience.

All awards (plaques and cash $1000* for YIA, and $500* for SEA) will be presented to the winners at the CACA dinner networking event at PittCon. (*The cash is a travel grant used to support the awardee to attend Pittcon 2023. The winner who cannot attend Pittcon 2023 will only receive a plaque and not the cash travel grant).

CACA is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote networking and career development for its members. CACA hosts frequent webinars, workshops, symposia, and dinner networking events at Pittcon, HPLC, and EAS Conferences to provide forums for sharing technical information in separation sciences and the development of collaborative relationships. Additional information is available at


Photos of the CACA YIA and SEA Winners