Bridging North America and China in Chromatography Technologies and Business

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Ming Court Wok, Orlando Florida
Date: March 2, 2010 Workshop: 4 - 6:30PM Dinner: 7 - 9:30PM

Organizing CACA Committee Members:

Yan-Bo Yang, Ph.D., Director, B. Braun Medical, Inc.
Michael Ye, Ph.D. R&D Manager, Supelco
Helen Gu, MBA, Vice President of Sales, Sepax Technologies, Inc.
Qunjie (Jerry) Wang, Ph.D., President, Agela Technologies, Inc.
Andy Alpert, Ph.D., President, PolyLC Inc.
Huqun Liu, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Varian
Tao Jiang, Ph.D.,Sr. Research Associate Covidien
Wu Chen, Ph.D., Column expert, Agilent Technologies

Workshop (4:00 – 6:00PM)

Chairing person: Jerry Wang, Ph.D.President, Bonna-Agela Technologies, Inc.

4:00 – 4:05PM Introduction, Jerry Wang, Ph.D. President, Bonna-Agela Technologies, Inc.

4:05 – 4:30PM Elysabeth Nuygen Vice President,GS-Tek

4:30 – 4:55PM Overview of Supelco HPLC and Sample Prep Technologies, Wayne Way, Ph.D. Marketing segment manager, Supleco

4:55 – 5:20PM Find Investor, Start Business, Get Success, Ke Hu, Ph.D.President and CEO, LabTech Holdings Inc

5:20 – 5:45PM Bioseparation HPLC Phases - Solutions for MAb and Protein Analysis, Helen Gu, MBA Vice President of Sales, Sepax Technologies, Inc.

5:45 – 6:10PM Jian Wang, Ph.D.Chairman of Focused Photonics Inc

6:10 – 6:35PM Development and Applications of SPE Technologies in China, Jerry Wang, Ph.D. President,Bonna-Agela Technologies, Inc.

6:35 – 7:00PM Mingle and network

Dinner (7:00 – 9:30PM)

Dinner host: Wu Chen, Ph.D. Column expert, Agilent Technologies

7:00 – 9:30PM Round Table Dinner


Presentation: Key Considerations for Going into Management in the USA

Yan-Bo, Yang, Ph.D., Director of Pharmaceutical Development, B. Braun Medical

Speaker and Moderator’s Bio

Yan-Bo Yang, Ph.D., Director, Pharmaceutical Development at B. Braun Medical, Inc. USA

Dr. Yan-Bo Yang is responsible for all aspects of pharmaceutical research to develop convenient and safe IV products from the initiation of the projects to product launch. Prior to B. Braun, he was Director of Research at The Separations Group, Inc or Vydac (now owned by W.R. Grace), responsible for developing new HPLC column packing materials, studying the separation mechanism, and helping people with different separations problems. Dr. Yang graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in Being, China under the guidance of well accomplished Prof. Fu Ruonong. Dr. Yang obtained his Ph.D degree in Chemistry at the State University of Ghent in Belgium with world famous Prof. M. Verzele and Prof. Pat Sandra. After the Ph.D. program, he continued with a postdocorate research in a world renowned laboratory at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, with Professor Fred Regnier. His research work focused on both small and macromolecules separations and analyses using different chromatography technologies and on the separation mechanism and packing materials. During last 10 years, He has dedicated in the pharmaceutical product development researches. Dr. Yang has over 20 publications and 2 patents. He is actively involved in Association of an Official Analytical Chemist (AOAC) and served as the past president of AOAC SCS.

Helen Gu, MBA, Vice President of Sales, Sepax Technologies, Inc.

Currently working at Sepax Technologies as Vice President of Sales. Prior to Sepax, Helen worked as Sales Manager at Sigma-Aldrich, GE Healthcare, and Fisher Scientific. Helen earned her master's degree in business administration from Rutgers Business School at Rutgers University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology and biochemistry from Rutgers University.

Qunjie (Jerry) Wang, Ph.D., President, Agela Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Wang founded Agela twin companies in US and China respectively. He has led the development of more than 100 products, developed the global marketing channels, and grew the company into a manufacturer having 87 employees and $5 million annual revenue. Prior to Agela, Dr. Wang worked as Research Chemist/Project Manager at Agilent. Dr. Wang obtained Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry in April 1991 from University of Montpellier II, France, and obtained B.S. in Chemistry in July 1985 from Nankai University, in Tianjin, China.

Ke Hu, Ph.D., CEO and President, LabTech Holdings, Inc.

Dr. Hu founded LabTech Holdings, Inc. in 2003. Prior to LabTech, Dr. Hu worked at Thermo Instrumentsas General Manager of Greater China. Dr. Hu obtained Ph.D. in Analytcial Chemistry from Iowa State University and B.S. in Rock and Mineral Analysis from China University of Geosciences, China.
LabTech is a global laboratorial technology company focusing on analytical instruments, laboratory equipments, laboratory information management system, and laboratory design and engineering. LabTech develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of products used for material, environmental, food, and chemical testing. LabTech is located in Holliston, USA with facilities and division in China and Italy. They strive to develop products and solutions that are innovative designed and easy to use in order to fulfill the needs of our customers to the highest level and at the best value through continuous improvement and dedicated application of our knowledge and skill.

Wu Chen, Ph.D., Column expert, Agilent Technologies

Dr. Chen currently works at Agilent Technologies in Column R&D as HPLC column expert , developing HPLC column packing materials such as 1.8 µm totally porous particles, superficially porous particles Poroshell 300 and Poroshell 120 and novel phases for reversed phase and ion exchange HPLC Dr. Chen also owns 6 patent applications. Dr. Chen obtained Ph.D. in Organic/polymer chemistry from Iowa State University and B.S. from University of Science and Technology in China.

Wayne Way, Ph. D., Marketing segment manager, Supleco of Sigma-Aldrich

Supelco, the analytical division of Sigma-Aldrich, is a leading manufacturer of chromatography material and chemical standards. Its products range from HPLC columns, SPE cartridges, GC columns, SPME to chemical standards, carbon adsorbents and other resin materials. It provides also customized products and services, including application development, resin processing and small-unit packaging.