• Happy New Year
    Happy New Year

    Happy CACA 10 year Anniversary

  • Pittcon 2009
    Pittcon 2009

    Pittcon 2009, Chicago, March 2009

  • HPLC 2010
    HPLC 2010

    HPLC 2010, Boston, June 2010

  • Pittcon 2011
    Pittcon 2011

    Pittcon 2011, Atlanta, March 2011

  • Pittcon 2012
    Pittcon 2012

    Pittcon 2012, Orlando, March 2012

  • HPLC 2012
    HPLC 2012

    HPLC 2012, Anaheim, June 2012

  • Pittcon 2014
    Pittcon 2014

    Pittcon 2014, Chicago, March 2014

Dear CACA Members and Chromatography Colleagues,

Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus worldwide, CACA executive committee evaluated its effects on our planned Dinner Event at Pittcon. While the rate of coronavirus spreading has been decreasing during the last few days, it still has some risk in a shared-meal situation. For that reason, we decided to cancel the CACA Dinner Event. Our primary concerns are for the health and safety of you and our members. For those of you who have already submitted the payment for the dinner event, you payment will be refunded in full.

The CACA committee members are closely monitoring the situation. While we have some concerns, the chances of coronavirus spread during the Pittcon is minimal. Therefore, CACA will move the Award and Sponsorship sessions to its networking event organized by Drs. Tao Jiang and Chuping Luo. The CACA networking event has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 4, from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM in Room 470A at the convention center. Following is its agenda:

  • Introduction of CACA Xiang Zhang (President)
  • 2020 CACA Awards Perry Wang (Award Committee Chair)
    • Young Investigator Award winner: Dr. James Grinias (Rowan U.);
    • Student Excellence Award winners: Trisha Tucholski (U. Wisconsin), Lei Wang (Clemson U.)
  • Introducing Sponsors Yi He (Secretary)
  • Career Development Networking
  • Theme: How to be successful in your career
    • Panelists: Dr. Chengjie Ji of NovaBioAssays, Dr. Qin Ji of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Chuping Luo of Advanced Materials Technology, and Dr. Tao Jiang of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

The 2020 CACA YIA is sponsored by Advanced Materials Technology (https://www.advanced-materials-tech.com/) and SEAs are sponsored by Mac-Mod Analytical (http://www.mac-mod.com/). 

The CACA events are supported by our Award Level sponsors Advanced Materials Technology, Genentech, MAC-MOD Analytical, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, and Thermo Scientific; Advanced Level sponsors CDS Analytical, Frontage, LabTech, Medicilon, and Millipore/Supelco; and Basic Level sponsors Daisogel, NanoMicro, PolyLC, Shimadzu, Tosoh Bioscience USA, Welch Materials, and YMC America.

Best regards and see you in Chicago!

CACA Executive Committee