PharmaSep 2013 make a great success in Tianjin, China

The Binhai International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Separation and Analysis (PharmaSep 2013) was hold during October 28-29, 2013, in Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biotechnology & Medicine, Binhai District, Tianjin, China.

More than 40 speakers give a wonderful oral presentation on the bellow topics

  • Purity Identification and Separation
  • Industrial Purification Process
  • DMPK Analysis
  • Herb Extraction and Separation

PharmaSep 2013 attracted more than 200 scientists and experts from industry, academia and government institutes in the pharmaceutical field. About 30 exhibitors advanced their business at PharmaSep 2013. Hanbon is the Platinum Sponsor, AB Sciex is the Gold Sponsor, Orochem and SHMADZU are the silver sponsors.

Participators at PharmaSep 2013 enjoyed a great benefit and look forward to PharmaSep 2015