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Guotao Lu, MS Chemistry

Empore Product Manager

CDS Analytical, LLC.

Guotao Lu


In this seminar, we explore the power of Empore membrane SPE technique for two unique applications in chromatography. The first application is to use Empore Disks to clean up LC mobile phase to improve LC method development efficiency by eliminating the ghost peaks and interferences. The second application is Empore Disks as StageTips in Proteomics.

Since its first invention by Professor Mann’s group from Germany in 2003, Empore StageTips technique has been widely used in Proteomics research. The main functions of Empore StageTips are protein desalting and peptide purification. Google Scholars showed over 6,000 publications about StageTips application in Proteomics. Researchers have used Empore StageTips for routine proteomics sample preparation, as well as special applications in phosphous-proteomics, single-cell proteomics and global proteomics. The unique advantages of Empore C18 StageTips for high-pH fractionation in proteomics are particularly addressed in this seminar.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize Empore SPE Disks to clean-up mobile phase to eliminate interferences in LC method development
  • Empore SPE Disks to make StageTips for protein desalting and peptide purification in proteomics
  • Advantages of Empore C18 StageTips for high-pH fractionation in proteomics

Who Should Attend:

  • Method developers for HPLC methods in pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical, environmental, agrichemical, contract research organization, university and governmental laboratories.
  • Proteomics researchers

About CDS Analytical:

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