Speaker: Chris Pohl, Vice President, Research & Development, Chromatography Chemistry, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chris Pohl


When: Wed, Aug 4, 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT

Registration link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7467419398288012048

Abstract: Since the approval of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibody, muromonab-CD3, in 1986, the field of monoclonal antibody therapeutics has exploded into a variety of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics, such as bi-specifics and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Unlike small molecule drugs whose production can be tightly controlled, production of biotherapeutics using biological vehicles creates its own challenges in not only producing a pure product but also a properly conformed one. The need to characterize product quality attributes continues to be of critical importance in ensuring the efficacy and safety of biotherapeutics. Since Dionex released the ProPac WCX-10 in 1998 for charge variant analysis, the team in Sunnyvale, led by Chris Pohl (VP R&D), has continued to develop new generations of columns focused on large molecule chromatography, based on feedback from the Biopharma community to address regulatory approval requirements. Charge variants, oxidation, deamidation, and drug to antibody ratios are just a few of the analysis that have become commonplace, and Thermo Fisher Scientific has led the way in offering chromatography solutions for biotherapeutics characterization, from ProPac WCX-10 to ProPac ELITE and CX-1 buffers. Join us to learn what we’ve learned from the biopharma community during the past 23 years.


Key Learning Objectives: • HPLC based techniques for characterization of monoclonal antibody-based biotherapeutics

Who Should Attend: • Method developers for UHPLC and HPLC methods supporting monoclonal antibody development • Method QC chemists who use these columns (ProPac WCX-10, ProPac ELITE, etc.) everyday