Speakers: Title: Peter Ratsep, Ph.D. (Technical Support Supervisor) and Sarah Braseth (Regional Manager), Shimadzu Scientific Instruments NJ office
peter and sarah
When: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT
Event Overview: Many laboratories today are faced with the challenge of running multiple different analyses on the same sample. This challenge can present itself when there is an increase in sample complexity, additional sample regulations and requirements that must be met, when sampling is done at different time markers, when you are scouting for the right method settings, or if you are doing general API analysis to meet different USP requirements. The Shimadzu Nexera Dual Injection (U)HPLC system is equipped with two injection ports (independent flow paths) which allows two analyses to be run simultaneously on a single instrument, potentially decreasing your analysis time by 50%. This webinar will highlight specific applications of simultaneous analyses done on one sample with one (U)HPLC. In addition, this webinar will also explain how the two sets of data are then integrated into a single data file simplifying data management and ensuring data integrity.
Key learning Objectives:
• Understanding the advantages of a dual injection system
• Learn a novel approach to address efficiency when running a single sample under multiple different analyses conditions
• Maintaining data integrity and data tracking by combining data and method files from multiple runs
Who Should Attend:
• Method developers in pharmaceutical, foods and cosmetics, chemical, environmental, agrichemical, contract research organization, university and governmental laboratories.
• Scientists working in an HPLC laboratory looking to increase throughput and efficiency with their workflows