AndrewAlpertEmmi Zheng
Dr. Emmi Zheng received her B.S. in chemistry from Jilin University, and Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Dr. David Hage’s research group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Emmi is currently an R&D Scientist in the biotherapeutics product development group at Smith & Nephew. Emmi has ten year research experience in bioanalytical chemistry.

Research experience includes protein purification, separations and characterizations with various analytical techniques (e.g. LC, HPLC/UPLC, HPAC, LC-MS/MS, CE, SDS-Page, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence, etc), bioanalytical sample extraction and purification from matrix (e.g. SPE, LLE, etc), analytical method development, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of interactions among biomolecules, and development of enzyme potency assay. Emmi has published 26 peer-reviewed scientific articles or book chapters, having eight papers as first author. Her previous work was recognized by several awards, including the best poster award at the 2012 FACSS meeting, the 2015 Alumni Graduate Research Assistant Award at UNL, 1st place poster awards from the UNL Chemistry Department, the winner of 2015 Bioanalysis Young Investigator Award, and the winner of 2019 Chinese American Chromatography Association’s Young Investigator Award.